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Love Me Forever?


- Name: Hannah Daisy
- Age: twentyteen
- Location: Norwich when I'm at uni, sussex when I'm at home!
- Favorite bands: Manic Street Preachers, Queen Adreena, Ladytron, Smashing Pumpkins, NIN, The Duke Spirit, Pink Grease, Placebo, Daisy Chainsaw, The Tears, Garbage, Maplebee....plus loads more!
- Who would you like to meet and what would you say to them: hmm. I would quite like to meet Tim Burton and just talk about all his pretty films. I would like to meet Nicky Wire again and have a convosation rather then 'my camera is stuck in my hair' and him replying 'we are both having bad hair days!' Would also like another hug from him...hehe

- describe your personality:
I am a good listener, I'm not very good at describing myself....I'm quite arty if that helps!
- describe your style: anything pretty: glitter, leopard print, polka dots, stripes....oh and too many accessories (I make my own!)
- do you have a bf/gf?: no boyfriend
- any tattoos or piercings?: no...but I want 3 piercings in both ears!
- 5 things you can't live without: bengal spice tea, my kitty, eyeliner, my camera and accessories
- 5 random facts about you: I study Occupational Therapy but used to study art, I am dyslexic, I love Nicky Wire, I love customising clothes and making bracelets, I have a cat called Jefforie!


- favorite colour: I have three; black, pink and purple!
- favorite person: famous: people-wise it would be Nicky Wire or Katie Jane Garside, family-wise....my dad!
- favorite place & why: brighton because it is pretty, has a pebbley beach, has pretty shops, has the bead shop, and has the best fudge shop in the world!


- where did you hear about us? : the link is in several peoples profiles...
- give evidence of promotion: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=_stay_beautiful
- what do you like about our community? It has pretty sparkley leopard print things....and there seems to be other people with simular music tastes :-)
- Why you feel you will fit in, in this community: because I like looking at pretty things and I like creating pretty things. I would also post lots photos and stuff if I am stamped ^_^

- anything else.... I have hyperextension in my hands and I like to make chocolate brownies.

- Post something pretty under a LJ cut.

Ohh so many things I could post...

This is Jefforie:

and a screencaps I did from the Daisy Chainsaw video 'hope all your dreams come true' :

- Also behind the cut, show us a piccie of yourself

(its me in my user icon)

Tis me:

my feet with my new favourite shoes:

moi without glasses:

(EDIT: I just put the whole lot under a cut)

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