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hello :D

Hello beauties :)

It has been a while since I made a post in xletsgetprettyx so I thought I'd post some photos from when we went to Bohemia :D hope you like them :)

*spazz alert*

We didn't get to stay very long though poo, live too far away and had to leave early :(

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yey you look beautious madam ♥
thankyou beautiful kirsty! xx
you look great!
All of you do actually =),
club boho's so nice! I love it there, but..can I ask you somthing; How was the bouncer to you there? cos the last time I went, he was a right asshole =(
aww thankyou sweet!!
I love it there too, the bouncers seemed okay to me, but maybe it was someone else? who knows :(!
how was he rude to you? :( xx
Np =),
perhaps it was another,..well, to cut a long story short, he was just being really horrible cos I didn't have ID etc. Although he did let me in in the end, [?] I'm just a little cautious about going again now you see..=/, but I really do want to.
I hate my babyface =(
aww i ♥ your hair & your top!
thankyou :)!!