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- Name - Injury.
- Age - 16.
- Location - Manchester.
- Favorite bands - Queen Adreena, My Ruin, Rasputina, Scarling, Daughter Darling to name a few specials.
- Who would you like to meet and what would you say to them - Katie Jane Garside, so i could tell her that i adore her and everything she does.

- describe your personality: i'm a little ambitious and i want my wishes.
- describe your style: i like to think of myself as some kind of doll, a doll who loves glitter, neon, leopard prints and heels.
- do you have a bf/gf?: no.
- any tattoos or piercings?: 10 piercings[8 in ears, labret & monroe] 1 tattoo [heart and crossbones which reads injury underneath]
- 5 things you can't live without: my cosmetics, my camera, bubble baths, music&starbucks hot chocolate.
- 5 random facts about you:
* i love the quote "we are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars"
* i own 7 feather boas.
* my puppy roxie is a princess.
* i have an interest in all things medical especially asylums at the moment.
* i make sythetic hair falls.

- favorite colour - pink.
- favorite person - famous? katie jane. non-famous? my best friend jess.
- favorite place & why - i love my room as it holds everything i need outdoors wise i love beaches 'cause they're really relaxing and fun to explore.


- where did you hear about us? - i saw you when i was browsing through interests.
- give evidence of promotion -
- what do you like about our community? - it's pretty as can be.
- Why you feel you will fit in, in this community - i love all things pretty and looking around this community it just looks suited to me :]

- anything else....

- Post something pretty under a LJ cut.
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- Also behind the cut, show us a piccie of yourself -

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