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- Name- Kayte.i'm also referred to as Kaytus or Kaytlin
- Age i am sixteen years old. i tend to think that age is more about experiences survived than the number of years lived but I suppose at sixteen I would do.
- Location A rather scummy little town in London called Morden.
- Favourite bands Jack off Jill, The Dresden Dolls, Hole, Queen Adreena, Rasputina.
- Who would you like to meet and what would you say to them Stephen Fry would be good, as would Melvin Burgess, Sylvia Plath or Marilyn Monroe

- describe your personality: a comical, manic depressed Barbie doll who smokes far too much weed and wants to sparkle.
- describe your style: i don't have a particular style group that i belong to i tend to mix and match a variety of different items. Ideally I ear lots of pink, e.g.l and try to look like Courtney Love.
- do you have a bf/gf?: yes, his name's Gary and he's wonderful. we've been going out for almost a year :D
- any tattoos or piercings?: No tatoos although I may one day, I have a labret, nose and eyebrow piercing
- 5 things you can't live without: draw. love. cuddles. ciggies. pink. some form of intellect.
- 5 random facts about you: I'm in love, I'm depressed, I got an A in english Literature gcse, i hate myself because I didn't get an A star, I smoke superkings and speak like a chav


- favourite colour Pink.
- favourite person My boyfriend Gary, my friends Beth, Jew and Goth
- favourite place & why in Gary's arms because it's there i feel happiest and safest


- where did you hear about us? From the lovely moderator Ladybird who i have friended here and on myspace
- give evidence of promotion http://www.livejournal.com/users/__oh_that_girl/16400.html
- what do you like about our community?it seems less false than other rating communities and i'm drawn to the sparkliness
- Why you feel you will fit in, in this communityi share most of the interests in the community and basically i hope you like me as mush as i like you all

- anything else.... there aught to be but sadly isn't

- Post something pretty under a LJ cut.
- Also behind the cut, show us a piccie of yourself
Image hosted by Photobucket.com this isn't neccessarily a pretty picture but what it depicts, love, is a pretty thing
and for a picture of me, if you must
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
okay well i finish this application with a kiss and hope you shall accept me. xxxxxxx
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