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love me forever?


- Name:
carly {also go by marilyn}
- Age: eighteen
- Location: manchester
- Favorite bands: manic street preachers, hole, placebo, the smiths, the libertines, the duke spirit, king adora, the cure, pulp, suede etc
- Who would you like to meet and what would you say to them: i want to meet morrissey and i'd ask him for a cuddle...or courtney love, and i'd tell her how cool i think she is

- describe your personality:
sometimes shy, sometimes too opinionated, happy, fun, kind, gives lots of cuddles
- describe your style: EYELINER, glam/indie, jeans and band tshirts mixed with polka dots, glitter, pinstripes, tiaras, skirts, plastic jewellry, big dr martens
- do you have a bf/gf?: yep, boyfriend {eddie}
- any tattoos or piercings?: none
- 5 things you can't live without: books, music, the internet, tea & glitter
- 5 random facts about you: in september i'm going to sheffield to do english literature {lots of reading, yay!}, vegetarian, i love my dr martens more than anything else i own, i had pink hair for 2 years, i still fancy morrissey even though he's old


- favorite colour:
- favorite person: boyfriend {sorry}
- favorite place & why: manchester. i'm gonna miss it here :(


- where did you hear about us?
ms_j_svensson is a member, link from her userinfo
- give evidence of promotion: my journal
- what do you like about our community? it's pretty and glam and such
- Why you feel you will fit in, in this community? i share a lot of the interests & i will post lots and bring lollipops x

- anything else.... yes, you're all very pretty!

- Post something pretty under a LJ cut.

mmm richey ♥

- Also behind the cut, show us a piccie of yourself

{when i had pink hair}

{very recent}

thankyou ♥
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