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Love me Forever?


- Name::
- Age:: 15
- Location:: London
- Favorite bands:: Deftones, korn, malice mizer, rachel stamp, velvet acid christ, orgy, peaches, team sleep, placebo, incubus, human waste project, a perfect circle, the dresden dolls, manson, daisy chainsaw, scarling, tori amos, dir en grey, vidoll, nine inch nails plus looooads more...
- Who would you like to meet and what would you say to them:: Haha, um.. Taylor Hanson +le blush+, I've had a crush on him since well...forever lol. I'm not too sure what I'd say to him though, I'd just try to be my usual self and not have a fit or something. But I did come really close to and was inches away when he was walking to their tour bus,.. but like they were all covered by security people =(.
+stops rambling+
OH OH, and Hayden Christensen because I luff him<33

- describe your personality:
shy, sometimes not very sociable, generally really really nice if I like you..I'm not really good at describing me.
- describe your style: I guess like a mixture of glam/glittery, lolita, er.. inspired a lot by FRUiTS and Jrock artists sometimes, mainly customised clothing.. I'm just me really.
- do you have a bf/gf?: nope
- any tattoos or piercings?: 6 piercings: 3 on my right ear, 2 on my left, and a maddonna/monroe piercing. Planning for some more plus maybe a tattoo one day, but I'm not sure.
- 5 things you can't live without: music, the internet +le blush+, friends, make-up, sleep
- 5 random facts about you: I have a syringe fetish, I have a tendency to drool over cute little bishies in picadilly circus, I'm very interested in most things Japanese including the language...although I can't really speak it. >_<. Um, I'm obsessed with Final Fantasy aaaand I'm a wrestling fan +hides+

- favorite colour:: pink
- favorite person ooh gosh that's hard. Maybe Mick Foley just because he's so sweet and really genuine, he's not afraid to jump of 20ft cages as they say, but he's a really nice guy in person despite the missing teeth..

- favorite place & why Well I'd probably have to say Camden, not because I'm all obsessed with stuff there, but purley because I've literally lived there all my life and despite the high crime I still love it. Yes I know it's getting all crap now, but there are still some good shops/stalls there and anywhere else doesn't feel right to me most of the time.

- where did you hear about us?
Someone promoted it a while ago in my community, but I only just got the courage to apply now =P
- give evidence of promotion [I will also promote you guys in my community if I'm accepted =)]
- what do you like about our community? I like the fact that it has a love for pretty things which sparkle
- Why you feel you will fit in, in this community:: Um, well I generally like most of the stuff listed in the music and general interests section.. It seemed like my kinda thing.
- anything else.... hmm, I don't think so
- Post something pretty under a LJ cut.

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The lovely Mana

- Also behind the cut, show us a piccie of yourself

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me and my friend Ella at Glam-ou-rama

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-x-x-x-xyy <3

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